Linguistic expeditions




International Conference "From Computer-based Linguistic Data Archives to Linguistic Online Corpora: Vladislav M. Andryushchenko Memorial Conference", jointly organized by the Laboratory for Computational Lexicography of Research Computing Centre, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute RAS, will be held 28-29 September 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

The next seminar "Cognitive  aspects of computational   lexicography" – 29.05.2018,
11 a.m. The MSU Second Humanities Building, room 369.

The 8th book "The Poetry of Moscow University: from Lomonosov and up to…"
has been published.

Photogallery presents:  "Marvelous Greenland",
by Olga A. Kazakevich .





Linguistic expeditions




Welcome to the website of the Laboratory for Computational Lexicography!


 All research carried out in the laboratory
 is dedicated to safeguarding the cultural heritage of the country
 as well as the linguistic and cultural diversity of the world


The Laboratory for Computational Lexicography is a research department within the Research Computing Center at Lomonosov Moscow State University. We currently focus our work on linguistic modelling of non-standard texts: choosing an adequate model of description of various linguistic levels and processes.


The Laboratory is directed by Olga A. Kazakevich.


Main research topics of the Laboratory

·        Study and documentation of endangered languages (headed by Olga  Kazakevich)

·        Logical and stylistic aspects of lexical semantics (headed by Elena Razlogova)

·        Study of diaries and notebooks (headed by Mikhail Mikheev)

·        Development of a computer-based information system for Russian folklore studies (headed by Anna    Rafaeva)

·        "The Poetry of Moscow University: from Lomonosov and up to…" website (headed by Anna Rafaeva)


The Laboratory organizes

·        regular linguistic expeditions involving students to regions of indigenous languages of Siberia 

·        the monthly scientific seminar "Cognitive aspects of computational lexicography"

·        International conference "Marginalia: cultural and textual borders" (with Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language RAS)